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Try a new calendar platform from ActivateHub,

Our goal is to provide the most user-friendly and comprehensive calendar of climate events possible that would also allow the user to select by location, time, and issue.  Currently we are using a fairly new online calendar platform from ActivateHub, you will find the same comprehensive list of climate events happening in the Pacific Northwest, but with additional features we’d like you to try out.

Scan through this calendar with its descriptive tags for event Topic, Type and Location to help identify ones of interest to you.   Notice that by scrolling your cursor over a particular event, its details become visible.  If you want to try filtering the events that show up on the calendar, just follow the steps, below.

As an activist, a group, or an organizer, you will find climate events much easier through use of the ActivateHub’s sorting capabilities, which currently allow for filtering by the

 Topic of the event (e.g. coal, trains, divestment) or the Geographical Location (e.g. Seattle, Puget Sound, Oregon, National)  and

 Type of event (e.g. meeting, march, letter writing, or movie).

To filter the calendar by the tagged Types, Topics and/or Locations:

  1. Click on any event’s title.  This will take you to the Cascadia Climate Community’s ActivateHub site.
  2. On the black bar across the top click on Events.  This will take you to a listing of all upcoming events regardless of type, topic, or location.
  3. On the left side of the page are the Tags for Topics (which includes geographical locations – preceded by an “X”) and for Types.   Within each you can select one tag that will filter the calendar down to events that have that tag assigned to them.  At this time only one tag in Type and Topic can be selected at one time.  So under Topic you can select a topic you are interested in or a location, but not both.  You can leave all tags under Type highlighted and select one under Topic, vice versa, or one under each.
  4. Once you have the tags highlighted the way you wish, only the corresponding events associated with both of those are shown on the calendar listing or page layout.
  5. Organizations can request embed codes based upon, for example the geographical area in which they are active, so that the calendar can be displayed with only those events that are most likely to be of interest to their users visible.

We would like your feedback and input on whether this calendar format is more useful to you than the current Google version.  Please send these to us at:  For assistance with this email

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