Focused Sub-Calendars

While the Main Calendar contains all events, except recurring meetings, these special calendars are each focused on one type of action or event:

  • Major Events for high impact actions, such as rallies, hearings, and strategic planning conferences.
  • Presentations and Talks on issues and topics related to climate change, its causes, impacts and potentials solutions.
  • Public Comment Periods for official agency actions including hearings for oral comments and dates for submitting written comments.   Some less formal comment opportunities may also be included as appropriate.
  • Meetings Calendar for information on regular and revised meeting information from climate action organizations.
  • Beta Calendar for Events Across Cascadia for high impact or major events around the Pacific Northwest region, from Portland to Bellingham and the Olympic Peninsula to Spokane, and beyond, this new calendar format allows the user to search geographically and by topic, category and date.  We are continuously working to provide the calendar format that is the most user friendly and effective at finding climate activities.

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