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Panel at Naked City Brewery

A Climate Panel at Naked City Brewery

Climate scientists and other experts are available to come to events and venues, fairs and markets, brewpubs and cafes, events large or small, for audiences of all ages.  Arranging for a climate scientist to join your event is an excellent way to raise awareness about the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change.  To get more information about climate speakers and possible topics, email us at

Climate Speaker Options:

There are several formats for having a climate scientist or speaker: an informal Ask a Climate Scientist table, a somewhat more formal talk or presentation, or a panel discussion with or without slides to explore different aspects of a topic.
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Ask A Climate Scientist: This format provides a scientist to informally answer those questions people have been dying to ask!  This can be both fun and informative for all ages and often is combined with up to date outreach materials and fun games with prizes. An Ask the Climate Scientist table can be part of many types of events from farmers markets to fundraisers, fairs and festivals to conferences. It’s a great way to get people engaged and ready to take action!

Climate Scientist Presentations: Having a slide presentation by a climate scientist on their research area makes for a fascinating talk. Questions from the audience help build a deeper understanding of  the causes, impacts and solutions to global warming, rising sea levels, and ocean acidification.

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Climate presentation at Ada’s Bookstore.

Some possible topics:

  • Ocean Acidification: How CO2 is increasing in the ocean and why it is a concern.
  • Climate Change 101: The basics of climate change.
  • Affects on Animals as the Earth Warms: How global warming impacts wildlife.
  • Polar Ice and Climate Change: What is happening with sea ice at the poles and why it matters.
  • Meeting Global Energy Needs without Fossil Fuels – Possible ways that growing world wide energy demands can be met without fossil fuels.
  • Nuclear Power: Myths, facts, and future of nuclear power as part of the answer to global warming.
  • Future Northwest Forests:  Forest fires, and what should we be planning for the future with hotter temperatures and new pests.

Speakers on Policy, Economic and Legal Topics:  We can also arrange for experts who can speak to policy, economic, and legal/legislative topics.  Here are some examples:

Putting a Price on Carbon Emissions and Promoting Cleaner Energy:

Speakers, including Yoram Bauman from the grassroots organization Carbon Washington, explain how the November 2016 ballot Initiative 732 would reduce Washington state’s regressive sales tax by 1%, fund a tax rebate for working families, reduce the B&O tax and add a tax to fossil fuels.  This was designed to be a win/win for those who want to help spur economic growth and improve air quality by reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases (GHG).

Cascadia Climate Action supports equitable taxation on carbon emissions as a critical means of mitigating climate change, global warming, ocean acidification and sea level rise.  Putting a price on carbon to reflect its true costs will lead to more rational decisions about what energy sources are appropriate for the planet.


Fossil Fuel Exports Through the Pacific Northwest:


The Climate Reality Project – Solving the Climate Crisis There are several speakers who have received training from Al Gore’s organization to provide the background, science, and real-world evidence of the climate crisis, focusing in particular on what’s been going on in the past few years.  Theirs is a clear call to action for what we need to do now to solve the climate crisis.  We can help you connect with them.

Cascadia Climate Action, in addition to connecting groups and venues with climate scientists and other speakers, independently sponsors events at local bookstores, cafes, brew pubs and libraries, among others, with climate scientists.  Watch for these events on the Climate Events Calendar.

Do you have another topic you are interested in?  Ask us! We can help!  Info(at)

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