Actions to Take

 . . . right now, wherever you may be!

Sign a Petition:   Whether on line or in person, signing a petition adds to the weight behind stopping or supporting an action that can make a difference.  It’s a way to take action . . . Right Now!

Make a Call:  Calling an agency or political representative’s office at a crucial time is a way to make them aware of the level of and bases for concern.  Just go check their webpage for their local or national office where your message will be taken by their staff or a recording.  Be clear what the issue you are addressing is and your position on it.

Submit a Comment:  Watch for opportunities to comment on line, by mail, or in person at a hearing when proposals such as for fossil fuel export terminals are at stake. Go to  Public Comment Periods for current opportunities and information.

Write to Congress:

Write a Letter:

    • Submit a Letter to the Editor of a city or neighborhood newspaper.  Be sure to adhere to their guidelines and procedures for publishable articles.  Don’t be discouraged if your letter isn’t published as it may have helped another letter on the same subject get published.
    • Submit a letter to your federal or state representatives or your city council, your mayor, or other agency on a topic or legislation within their jurisdiction.   Find the names and addresses on the websites of the particular level of government.   Here is an example from Citizens’ Climate, advocating for a carbon fee and dividend:
Dear Senator/Congressman/woman,
Climate change is at the top of my list of concerns as a voter.
It looks to me like a carbon fee and dividend, as proposed by Citizens Climate Lobby, is the most effective response, taxing CO2 emissions at the source and returning the takings to households. It’s relatively quick and simple to implement, effectively lowers carbon emissions, puts the free market to work and actually creates jobs, and builds in protection for low-income households. The border adjustment provisions protect American manufacturers and actually recruit international participation.
Where it has been tried, it has worked. Please get a carbon fee and dividend bill.
(Your name)

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